Messages from artistes to Japan


 Since many years I work and dance together with Japanese people. Over the years they became real friends and I have deepest respect and love for this wonderful country, their people and their talents. It is hard to take and hard to understand, what a horrible tragedy happened to Japan. The pictures of the earthquake and the tsunami are deep in our minds, followed by  Fukushima. My thoughts are with all the people suffering from this catastrophe, who lost friends and family and their homes. I hope that the power and community of the Japanese people will help the victims to find a way out of this tragedy. All my heart is with you.

Michael Banzhaf



During my career as a dancer, I made many trips to Japan. I was embraced by the Japanese people and, in turn, I embraced the culture and people of that country. There is beauty and reverence in so much that the Japanese people do. Their culture has given us crafts such as ikebana, origami and lacquerware- performance such as bunraku, kabuki, and noh. There are wonderful traditions like the tea ceremony, fascinating gardens and there are amazing structures of architecture. Behind all of those things are the people of Japan. People who have supported dance and dancers.

The people have suffered a blow dealt by the earthquake and devastating affects of the tsunami. Being so far away it seemed impossible to make a meaningful contribution to assist in the rebuilding of the lives of those affected.  

I have only played a small part in helping with this gala. You as audience members are major donors as well as beneficiaries because you will see beauty offered by these amazing and warm hearted artists. This is our gift-doing what we know, dancing- which we hope in some way can be understood to mean "arigato" (thank you) Japan.

Cynthia Harvey


 My dear Japanese friends,

dance is what brings us power, hope ,inspiration and new strength

especially in these hard and difficult times.

I am always with you and send you lots of love.      yours Friedemann

Friedemann Vogel



I was honoured to be asked to participate in this gala performance for such a wonderful cause. I was as shocked as the rest of the world when i saw the events unfolding in Japan, it is an amazing country that i have visited on many an occasion. I send all the survivors, hope and hearfelt good wishes for the hard times ahead. All my thoughts are with Japan and its wonderful people.

Dmitri Gruzdyev.






Igor Kolb



..As a dancer and choreographer I am often invited to dance in Japan. I was for the first time dancing in Tokyo when I was 16 years old. And since then I am there almost every year. Dancing in almost all Japanese town with Hamburg ballet, or guesting in Tokyo with Paris Opera - Benjamin Pech's group and many times presenting my and my twin brother's dancing group with our own artistic work, music and choreography. Over the years I have become very close to this culture and I was always amazed with the will of the people to help in any little request that one has, the dedication to work, the perfection and ease in their work, the love of the audience and just the open hearts they all have for art and artist and anybody that is in little need of help! And the incredible kindness and compassion of everyone. Over the years many people in Japan became my closes friends. I do honestly love Japan and I feel horrible what had happen. But I know that with art and dance we have the power to help. Therefore I have start to organize a benefit dance gala in Dresden which is going to be on the 15th of May 2011. And when Yasko asked me to come to Paris and dance in benefit dance gala "Les Etoiles pour le Japon" in Palais de Congres, I immediately sad YES! It will be my honored to help!!!!

I am sending you all support and love that I can!!!! Please stay strong!

Jiri Bubenicek



"Avec joie, amitie, respect et admiration, nous dedions ce pas de deux au Japon,

Pays qui nous a immediatement seduit et toujours magnifiquement accueillis.

A travers sa force, sa dignite et notre soutien, il se relevera.

Comme le phoenix, il renaitra de ses cendres."     Julien & Katia

Julien Favreau

Kateryna Shalkina



"I have always loved and enjoyed going to perform in Japan. For us dancers it's a very especial country in which we're always welcomed with warmth and love. My heart really went to them in front of this horrible catastrophe, and thought this Gala I would like to participate in sending them all the support and love, that they need in this difficult moments"     Love, Lucia

Lucia Lacarra



Dear friends and people of Japan,

In this very difficult, horrible time, I think of you often, I send all my positive thoughts your way and I morn with you for all the loved ones you have lost in these past weeks.  It is so amazing and inspiring to see your humanity, and how you unite and help each other and your country. Life is about love, humanity and helping one another out in times of fear, disaster and sadness.  You are a great and incredible example of that and you inspire me and the whole world!

I am with you, the whole world is. You are amazing people and you are an amazing country.  I wish I could be there for you now to bring hope, help and comfort.

I hope we, my friends and colleagues dancing here in Paris will help to relieve your pain a little and give you hope and possibility.

With all my love and thoughts, Marijn

Marijn Rademaker



I don't know what I should write as message to everyone. I know that a lot of people had extreme pain in their hearts.

I almost don't know If by dancing I can help.

Sometimes when I dance, I feel enlighten and very happy. It is like meditation.

We are all connected to universe, our individual self is one with the entire universe. The future lies in our hearts.

I will dance for all the victims of this terrible accident as symbol of the fundamental universe energy of life and love. I am sending you power and hope that you can transfer all the suffering to happiness.

Love u strongly. Japan be strong!!!   Otto:)

Otto Bubenicek
















頑張って下さい。   SHOKO

Shoko Nakamura



I am very happy to be part of this event, and hope that through this art form

we are able to help towards such a worthy cause. My thoughts are with the families

and victims of those affected by the Japan earthquake.  Carlos

Carlos Acosta



I admire the calmness and courage the people in Japan have shown whilst facing this tragedy. It's

heartbreaking to hear what has happened to so many people, to so many lives. Japan is a wonderful country

with wonderful people!  I'm happy I can do something for Japan by participating in the gala "Les Etoiles pour le Japon" I'm thinking of you and sending you my

love.'' Masha

Maria Kochetkova



Twelve years ago, when I have visited Japan for the first time, I fell in love with it right away.

Beautiful country, warm-hearted people, unique culture, excellent food, wonderful energy and what is still impressing me

after many times being there since than is, that one feels always so welcome as for the first time. Amazing!  When I saw the first pictures of this huge, terrible

catastrophe in news, I could not believe my eyes. I felt very sad, helpless and at the same time I wanted to help so much, but I did know how.

Dancing for the hope of the people who lost their homes, families, friends and actually everything what they´ve had, is what I do with all my heart.

Making this gala happening is a wonderful thing and I’m happy to be part of it.  In my thoughts and deep in my heart, I´m with you, Japan!

with love, Roman

Roman Lazik



I perform a lot in Japan and I know the Japanese as the most sincere and gentle people in the world.

What happened in Japan in March is really awful. I offer my sincere condolences to the bereaved families and I grieve with them. I wish strength to those who lost their loved ones and their homes. And I admire the courage of the Japanese people, united in the face of this terrible catastrophe.

My heart is with you.

Igor Zelensky



" My Prays and hope goes to Japan and to all the people who are still suffering there.

Japan has always given so much to the art of ballet. It is good that ballet can give a little bit of new hope and some help to the japanese people now.  God bless you all."

Andrey Klemm, professor



Helpless we all  watched this wonderful country been shadowed by this disaster. I am humble and full of respect to see how brave the japanese people are. All my loving thoughts goes to them. I am so grateful to be part of this event. To able to give a little bit of love and hope to these  whose lives are still shadowed.“

Maria-Helena Buckley, photographer